Present for Catherine and Whitney

10:31 video

Whitney walks in from work and notices a pretty box by the front door. She brings it in thinking it must be a present for her. She opens it and finds nothing but a small trinket with a note that makes no real sense. Thinking that her prankster roommate is pulling something she call Catherine into the living room.

Catherine comes in and examines the trinket, saying she's never seen it before. Just then Whitney starts to have some terrible itching on her legs. Catherine is confused cause there is no reason she should be itching, and furthermore Catherine is curious about the odd gift they have received. Whitney tries to conceal her itchiness but finally can't and start scratching her ass fiercely.

Catherine then starts feeling something in her thighs. She can't help but scratch as well. At the end both girls are in a scratching frenzy, each of them scratching each other's ass until it's red with nails mark. Both girls are so humiliated that they run off to try to wash whatever is making them itch off.

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