Tribing with Olivia Kasady

Custom video with Olivia Kasady.


Script - you are sitting on couch with your barefeet crossed. You are wearing no glasses your hair is down barefeet crossed on table. You are wearing shorts and braw shirt . Olvia comes home and sits directly next to you placing her crossed barefeet near yours. Now you let her do this , cause you lived together a while and you know she's lesbian but you told he in past nothing will ever ever happen . Then you place your barefeet on hers to rest your feet on hers. But you do this as friends . You tell her you and the guy you are seeing he wants to take a break . Whole time your feet are now relaxing across hers like on olvia anckle . She tries to talk you into girls. You are grossed out never ever. She says you you as joke I always wanted to hook up with you but it's innocent play teasing. You talk about he's a asshole bla bla then olvia says I will always be your friend. At some point olvia does a magic spell ( make up) on you to get you extremely extremely horney to the point it aches where you need her. After it you become zuul. You grab her and start kissing her , with a moaning ache of horney inside you. The only way this will be satisfied is if olvia takes you. You start kissing her where even she cannt breathe , you give her a bite neck kiss , then she gives you one. You now on couch jump on her lap telling her take me upstairs and fuck me . Olvia picks you up at this point where you are facing each other kissing your wrap your feet around her butt and she Carry's you off . (best you can do here). The camera fades. At this point now olvia is on top like girl with blue thong. You Catherine your feet are wrapped around her like this but tighter . I want you to both trib like a explosion. Rest of video. You never see your faces at this point it's just this and olvia tribs shit out of you and you are such in a horney magic spell. Olvia at times just asks you. Where do your feet belong ? You scream where. Olvia tells you on my back. You scream yessssss . It should look so real like you are fighting but you are tribbing the shit out of each other . But at this point olivia is tribbing shit out of you and she is satsifying that horney urge you must have by her do to magic spell.

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